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The Stages of Going to a Fete


Ah, yes. Fetes. A basic and almost necessary part of Trini culture. Partying is almost like oxygen for the typical islander. Everyone who has been blessed enough to go to a fete will know all the antics and dramas that take place before, during, and after a fete. Let’s discuss the whirlwind of emotions the typical fete-goer will experience at a fete:

Stage 1: Buying the ticket

This is the stage that really gets everything rolling. You go to a store in a mall or the mas camp itself to buy these tickets. However, no matter how many times it happens, you never walk with cash and you get hit with the infamous “D’ Linx machine not working” or “We doh take Linx,” so naturally, you have to go look for an ATM. That being said, when you get that ticket or wristband in your hand it’s all worth it. At this stage, excitement levels are at a high for a total of 5 seconds before remembering that the fete is still a whole week away.

Stage 2: Getting ready


For girls, this may be the most bittersweet stage. Sweet because at the end you’re going to look fire, but bitter because the task of choosing an outfit, doing your hair and doing your makeup can be a bit tedious. But after the 3 hours it took to get dressed are over and you peep yourself in the mirror and see that rather fine specimen staring back at you, not only are you feeling yourself, but you’re officially mentally and physically ready to bruk it down/split in the middle.

Stage 3: On the road

This is when your friends pick you up or you pick them up and the latest soca and dancehall songs are blasting through the speakers; this is the mini pre-pump. Once the music is loud and people are singing and dancing in the car, you know you and your squad finna get turnt. During this stage, almost nothing matters other than what the next song on the road playlist is.

Stage 4: The Parking Situation

Now this stage is probably the most difficult one to go through. It does not matter what time you get there; early or late it does not matter because there is almost never anywhere for you to park. Of course when you eventually do get a park it’s probably in a shady spot, a spot where you had to do a drive not even you knew you could do, or a tight spot where for a split second you wonder if somebody will scratch your car.

Stage 5: Touchdown (Whole Place Shell Down)

NOW THIS IS WHEN THE VIBES START PUMPING. From the minute you walk into that fete you could feel the bass of the music in your chest and see the colourful lights that illuminate the grounds/stadium. The music is so good you can’t help but shake your hip or chip through the grounds until you find the spot for your squad and cooler. Party now start. Drinks anyone?

Stage 6: The HIGHpoint

It’s a fete, obviously people are going to be drinking. At this stage, you’ve had a couple drinks… And then some but that’s ok because you can handle your liquor (or so you say). Your head feeling nice and only 2 things matter. 1. The music and 2. If you want a next drink or not. The music feels to almost be carrying you and you’re giving your dancing partner the flex of a lifetime. Your head rel nice and this fete is euphoric.

Stage 7: Meh foot

If there is anyone on this planet who has been to a fete and has never gotten their foot mashed by someone else I applaud you. At this point in the fete, at least 3 people mash your foot and you’ve been dancing for like 6 hours so naturally, your feet are going to hurt a little. And thus the most commonly used phrase at a fete was born, “meh foot hurting meh.” Don’t worry, it hurts much more in the morning.

Stage 8: Party Done

The fete was maximum vibes! You get a little tipsy or full out drunk, danced to your heart’s content and had the time of your life (until the next fete of course). Unfortunately, these things do come to an end. The fete is over and the committee has made it abundantly clear since the music stopped playing 15 minutes ago, the lights are on so people can see themselves out and people have started cleaning up the grounds. At this stage you and your squad are either heading straight home or stopping at a certain unnamed fried chicken place to get some food before heading home. So, in the words of Angela Hunte and Machel Montano, “Pah-ty done.

Stage 9: The Next Morning

Yes, these feelings you get from going to a fete last a whole two days! Remember how good that punchy punch tasted last night? And how good you felt after drinking that extra cup of white oak? It may have seemed like a good idea last night but it welcomes you in the morning in the form of a hangover. If you’re lucky enough to not get hangovers then you will probably sleep really well.

Whether the fete was good or not, you and I both know you’ll be starring in another one soon. Let us know your fete experiences in the comments below or share it with the members of your squad!

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