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The 8 Types of Drivers on the Road


We all know driving on the road is an annoying but necessary evil and, until teleportation is fully developed, it’s the only real way to get from point A to B. This doesn’t mean we have to like it but we can find humour in the different types of drivers that use the road with us.

1. The Maxi Taxi
While they provide a much needed service to commuters, few things are worse than getting stuck behind a maxi. These guys are the reason you know your brakes work, one minute they’re cruising down the road, the next they’re at a dead standstill leaving you frantically mashing your brakes to avoid a collision. Maxis will not only stop in the middle of the road to pick up and drop off passengers but they make it nearly impossible for you to overtake them, never mind that you’re in a car, the maxi driver acts as though you’ll steal their fares if you overtake them.

2. The right lane slow poke
We get it, there’s a speed limit and with police always ready to give a ticket, we understand why people won’t speed. But this driver takes the cake with slow driving. They’re at 10 and 2 cruising in the right lane unconcerned that you’re behind them blowing your horn and cursing their ancestors to the moon and back. People, the right lane is for overtaking which means you don’t get to cruise in it. Remember slow driving can also cause accidents.

3. The fast and furious
This driver weaves in and out of traffic like they’re in a stolen car with police hot on their tail. To them the speed limit is a suggestion meant to be ignored and indicators are for lesser beings. When they’re on the road you better get out of the way or you’ll end up either on a long call with your insurance company or as roadkill.

4. Red light? What red light?
Now every Trini knows the saying “green means go, yellow means go faster” but this driver has an additional line to that phrase “red means go fastest”. Through some complicated form of math, they can determine when it’s safe to go and will often times speed through a red light well after the time to stop has passed. We’re not sure if these drivers have no brakes or are just colourblind but the red light poses no threat to them.

5. The yellow light stopper
Technically, read legally, you are supposed to slow to a stop at yellow light though you are allowed to proceed with extreme caution. But this driver will come to a complete halt at each and every yellow light. Now again, they are doing what is legally safe and right but it’s so dang annoying to be forced to stop behind them when you could have easily gotten the light.

6. Married to the brakes
We’re not sure if this driver is in love with that left pedal or on some weird acid trip but they constantly slam their brakes while driving. This driver is the epitome of stop and go traffic, they drive, they brake, they drive, they brake all the way down the road forcing you to either overtake or spend the entire drive testing your brakes.

7. The driver who won’t let you overtake
This one is actually illegal and dangerous. This driver speeds up when you speed up and slows down when you do and drives just aggressively enough to prevent you from ever overtaking them. Like dude, chill out, this isn’t the Grand Prix.

8. The driver who pays more road tax than you
You know this driver, you hate this driver. This is the driver that takes up two lanes on the road and is smug about it. They don’t care that you need to drive on the road too, blowing your horn won’t deter them, they will continue driving on the white lane taking up both lanes until a pair of flashing blue lights force them to pick a lane.

Which of these drivers do you hate most on the road and which ones are you, tell us in the comments and remember to drive safely at all times.

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