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3 things you need to stop doing on Social Media (Business Edition)


The world is better connected than ever before. We are now able to reach markets instantly and sharing information is easier than ever.

While it may seem easy to post or share on social media, when using a business account, every action made is scrutinised by every fan or follower you have. In addition, these posts are also judged by competitors, investors and other stakeholders who evaluate your company’s reputation based upon the image presented.

There is a very important line to tread about making funny and relatable posts without negatively impacting upon the company’s reputation. As such, internal stakeholders should be aware of these questions when posting:

Is this post funny without being offensive?

Is it informative, accurate and not misleading?

Will it promote engagement?

Can it go viral for the right reasons?

When we venture into the realm of post reach we also reach that magical point where we have the Social Media Gurus saying do this, do that, make short copy, make longer copy, start your copy with a question. At the end of the day, we are all talking about processes, about media, when we should be talking about communication, behaviour… people!


Having said that, we suggest you to take a look at three things you need to stop doing on your Social Media:

Stop trying to reach everyone and know your customer: Don’t even try to write a single word before studying and analyzing your public. Before creating a nice strategy, explore your targets, they are people making choices every day. Don’t start with preconceptions, instead study their daily lives.

Stop spamming: Don’t share your page over and over again through the same Social Media groups, but if you do, please be sure to share interesting and valuable information while promoting yourself.

Stop using jargon: Each industry has its own language but unless your page is catered directly to a small, highly technical group and not to the wider public then stay away from the jargon. It may be hard to do so but if your target audience doesn’t understand what you’re saying, you’ll lose them.


Did you notice any other bad habits on Social Media? Please Share with us!

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