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5 things you need to stop doing on Social Media (Individual Edition)


Your social media is like your personal diary / timeline of your life, filled with snapshots of your thoughts and actions. Whether you use social media occasionally or you live on it, aspects of your life do inevitably end up online and it’s like they say, once it’s only, it’s there forever.

This means that everything you post, even from the days of Hi5 and MySpace, can eventually be found, it may take some digging but a suitably determined party, like a potential employer, will find it. As such, here are some things you shouldn’t do on your social media.

1. Post hate speech
Everyone has different views and the internet is filled with people who want to share their views using ALL CAPS, ‘references’ and any other thing they can to prove THEIR POINT IS BETTER THAN YOURS because wikipedia said so. While it’s best to not get into it with trolls, there are times it can’t be helped, just remember do not go to their level.

2. Post pictures of yourself doing things illegal
This seems obvious but way too many persons post pictures with weapons or drugs. A good rule of thumb for judging is this: would you be comfortable showing this picture to your grandmother? How about to a police officer? If the answer is no, then it shouldn’t be on social media for a future employer to see.

3. Too many selfies
We get it, you love yourself. But do you really need to post twenty pictures of you making different faces? Trust us when we tell you, your friends don’t care, nor do they want their timeline filled with pictures of you. Eventually they’ll unfollow you and all your important updates will be lost.

4. Drama
Ok so Caribbean people always want to get the latest tea so we don’t really mind you sharing but should you really be posting all your business online especially relationship drama? Like do your eight hundred plus friends really need to know your partner cheated with your best friend? It makes for a good read and is extremely entertaining but when you inevitably get back together all your friends will remember is all the bad stuff you shared about them.

5. Your location
We get it, you go really great places and you want your friends to know so they can share in the fun and feel slightly jealous too but sharing your location is dangerous as it allows everyone to know where you are all the time.

What else do you hate when people share on their social media? Tell us in the comments.

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