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How to have a True Trini Christmas


Every Trini knows Carnival begins as soon as Christmas Day ends and they also know Christmas begins as soon as Divali (or Eid, if it’s later than Divali) ends and as we’re currently in the Christmas season, now’s a good time to remind you of everything you need for a True Trini Christmas.

1. Soak yuh fruits

Ideally, this should have been done since Christmas last year but not everyone likes their fruitcake to be so alcoholic that you could fail the breathalyzer after one small slice. Anyway, better late than never, so start cleaning those fruits and leave it to soak in a jar of your favourite rum or wine.

2. Who coming from foreign

There is always going to be something you need that you just can’t find locally or that might be cheaper overseas and with the astronomical fees of the re-shipper companies (and that 7% online tax) everyone is looking for that tantie who has a lil room in their suitcase to squeeze something in.

3. Start home repairs and curtain shopping

Trinis are by nature procrastinators. Anything that can be done today can also be done next month. So it stands that inevitably all those home repairs, painting, cleaning and curtain making/shopping that needed to be done all year should be put off til late November/ early December when everybody is busy and you have a million other things to do.

4. Shopping

Christmas comes every December 25th for the last several hundred years and that date is likely to not change for the next few years but still Trinis wait until last minute to get the they need for Christmas. From groceries to gifts to furniture and appliances, walk into any store during the week before Christmas or worse on Christmas eve and you will find it packed full of people buying things they knew they needed months ago.

5. Food

First thing first, make sure you have a full tank of gas. Its nearly impossible to find cooking gas a few days before Christmas and no food would ruin the holiday so get a spare tank. To ensure your Christmas is good, you’re going to need to bake the bread, ham and the black cake. Plus you need pastelles so I hope you have that fig leaf handy, then you need to cook the peas, the rice, the meat and everything else. Half of Christmas is just food so unless you have help give yourself a day to prep everything then another day on top of that to cook.

What are the things you do to have a Trini Christmas, tell us in the comments. Hopefully you’ve already started your Christmas prep and if not START NOW. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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