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Guide to an eco-friendly life in Trinidad and Tobago


Yes! Trinidad and Tobago was named the happiest country in the Caribbean to live in and we’re even happier with this news! 😀

This great news is not so shocking given our friendly disposition and amazing annual events. (Does Trinidad Carnival ring a bell?) Unfortunately, our position in other rankings is not optimistic.We believe that, in some areas, our position by comparison to others is not so relevant. On the other hand, there are a few HUGE areas that really matter, areas such as  The Environment!

According to the International Energy Agency –IEA (, Trinidad and Tobago is ranked sixth in the world that belches out the most CO2 per capita. That’s some major pollution.

With this shocking news, we decided to compile a short list of small actions that can we can do in our daily life to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

1.Reduce and Reuse

Instead of getting use plastic bags that always end up in the back of a draw, get reusable bags which are the perfect solution for those trips to the Supermarket! We already use reusable bags when we go to the market so it would be an easy change to carry those same bags to the grocery with you. In fact, it makes sense to carry always one with you at all times since you never know when you need a bag.

2.Grow your own kitchen garden

A lot of the items we buy at the market can be easily grown at home in plants or your yard: the seeds from peppers and tomatoes can be replanted, garlic can be allowed to bulb and be planted, the bottoms of chives can be replanted, you can also go to nurseries and purchase seedlings and plant them as well. An entire kitchen garden can grow on your porch or even in your kitchen.

3.Choose Restaurants with Bio-degradable Containers

There are at least two or three new companies in Trinidad selling Bio-degradable containers to local Restaurants. And there are more and more restaurants opting for this option on Take-Away products so forego styrofoam containers for environmentally friendly ones. Additionally, when buying food outside, decline straws as they remain in landfills for hundreds of years.

4.Recycle – Yes, it is possible in Trinidad and Tobago!

There is a program for recycling waste that is being run by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) It is called the ICare Program. They have collection bins at various locations around the country. You can check out this map to find a location nearest to you:


We want to hear a few more suggestions from you!  J

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