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How environmentally sustainable is your business?


As we’ve said before, the trend of eco-sustainability is growing with an increasing number of people taking actions to decrease their dependence on natural resources.

During the last few years, this trend has been contributing to a remarkable change of mentalities. Our generation went from thinking “more is more” to “less is more” – Less consumption, less resources, greater quality.

We selected a few business areas to evaluate how green is your company:

Green Packaging:

Some brands are changing their packaging to more sustainable solutions, especially in the food industry. But it’s just not enough. To have a brighter future with happier customers, they’ll have to think about solutions with less packaging while maintaining their businesses’ adn.


Use of local resources: It is almost impossible to escape multinational companies and products. For that reason, many top brands are already taking action and using suppliers from the countries they are located in.


Transportation is actually one of the key issues of sustainability. If one product comes from the other side of the world, the environmental cost of transporting the product to another location makes the product less sustainable in the location it was transported to.

Environmental Responsibility: 

When governments fail to safeguard the environment then environmental sustainability becomes everyone’s responsibility, as such it’s up to the individuals and companies to take action. For small businesses that can mean decreasing environmental costs in their internal policies, for big businesses, it may imply changing their entire business structure and making all sectors more sustainable.

How sustainable is your business?

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