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How To Do Valentine’s Day


Whether we like it or not February 14th is upon us which means Valentine’s Day is here. For those of us in relationships, the quest for the perfect Valentine’s gift has already begun though you may not be sure what to do for your special someone for a meal or even if you should do something.

And for the single among us, you may not be sure exactly what you should do. Well, we’re here to show you the five types of people that exist on Valentine’s Day.

Terrible Gift Giver
Sorry, I forgot This gift consists of sad, dying flowers (probably the last ones in the store), heart-shaped candy and perfume or cologne that smells worse than a Charlotte Street drain. This gift usually looks the cheapest but because of how late your partner waited probably costs as much as a higher quality gift. Helpful hint, next time buy Valentine’s gifts with Christmas gifts and store it until February 14th.

The Big Spender
The Big Spender This person will go all out. Dinner for 2 at a lovely restaurant, wine, roses and jewelry, this person will do it all. They’ve been planning for Valentine’s day for weeks and they’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to take your breath away. NB: This gift also works if you’ve messed up badly in the last few weeks.

Budget Brain
Recession is Real This person is realistic about their budget. They love you but they know love does not pay the bills. They keep it real with a romantic picnic or dinner at home and a bunch of great flowers picked fresh from the neighbor’s yard.

 Are you even together? This person gifts their partner nothing for Valentine’s day, not even a hello. Unless you’ve already agreed you’re both against Valentine’s then at least send your partner a WhatsApp or FB message with a cute heart and a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” otherwise the next day you may be wondering if you’re still together.

Forever Alone Guy/Gal
Forever Alone This person has no plans or prospects for Valentine’s Day and may or not be okay with it. Their favorite thing about February is Carnival and cheap chocolate on February 15th. This doesn’t mean they hate Valentine’s Day but they do understand it is just another work day. Great Valentine’s Day options include binge watching How To Get Away With Murder, Netflix and Nicholas Sparks, spending the evening with your friends or treating the day like any other regular day and following your usual Tuesday routine.

Whatever you plan to do for Valentine’s Day, just remember it is just one day and showing your love for those you care about should be a year-round thing.

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