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How to Work the Digital Future


“One day I am going to be a star”, that’s what the majority of us expected! Unfortunately or fortunately as we discover the world, we come to the conclusion that we were tailored to do different things, pursuing different dreams. We are special in our own way.”

Our intention with this article is to lend a hand and inform you about the jobs of the Future. Since we work mainly in the digital sphere, we will go deeper into what we know best and focus on the digital professions.

Keep in mind that Experts predict that 60% of employments in the next 10 years haven’t even been invented yet!

Data analysts
All the data generated by technological disruptions will have to be analysed and simplified.

Crowdfunding Specialist
With the popularity of crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, there’s a growing need for expert advisers to help fundraisers promote their causes.

3D Printing Specialist
The 3D printer will become specialist in solving problems connected to this soon high demanded product.

Digital Therapist
Your intellectual and physical health will be monitored by your personal therapist. A person that will have access to your daily health report and will be able to recommend you the best options for your well-being

Digital Death Manager
A digital death manager will take care of your digital trace, creating, eliminating or editing content of your virtual presence post mortem.

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