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Let The Handler Handle It


There’s a Science to Creative Success, and not everyone knows it.

When you run a small operation, there are many advantages for the client, mainly they get one-on-one attention from the Creative Director. They get lower costs, and they get instant changes, no matter the hour.

Beyond that, you’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are happy, that the work is great and that their brand is always seen.

But what happens when they begin to abuse your generosity?  To abuse the relationship to a point where all their business shortfalls become your problem? To ignore the challenges of a now larger brand and delivering on items not accounted for in the initial proposal? Do you drop them? Do you keep them?

That’s really a matter for you to decide after you have weighed all your options – including your peace of mind.

It is however, a question that we all face at some point in time but it really comes from a bigger issue. And that is Not letting the handler, handle things.

Working in the tech space or creative industry seems like child’s play for many people who assume that being successful means having to drip sweat, move physical muscle and build something tangible so they generally fail to appreciate the science behind every single move a creative may make.

What many fail to realize is that Data Science and figuring out what works, how it will work for you and why it needs to be done this way is a big part of what we as creative people do. It’s not drawing with crayons or colouring on paper – although you might find us doing that sometimes.

We study audience patterns, we spend hours researching design and what colours can say to people, we dive into an ocean of information and pull out the right fragments that are perfect for your objectives, but more than that, we sweat mentally trying to figure out how to get you more sales.

So if that is your priority, let us handle it.

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