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If You Want to be Seen, You Need To Spend!


It’s here! The Season of lights has officially begun. Already, Diwali and Christmas ads have been playing on the television and radio, and social media is buzzing with sales and offers that’s good enough to woo even the Scrooge among us.

Now here comes the question you know we have to ask: Are you wooing customers? Have you started a Christmas campaign? Are you doing a billboard? Are you sending out emails to previous clients? Are you doing a radio ad? Are you doing anything?

If you’re not, don’t go on the news come December 21st and say ‘sales are bad’, because let’s face it, it technically will be your own fault.

Take a walk up Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, or a walk down High Street, San Fernando, you’ll notice almost every store and vendor selling the almost identical thing – shouting at the top of their voice – ‘Family you shopping? Come and check this out!’

Now take a quick poll among your friends and ask them where they’d be buying their gifts or holiday trinkets and many would probably say ‘Online’.

These two findings bring THREE MAJOR ISSUES to the table:
1- you’re not selling something customers can’t get somewhere else,
2- online sales and service (with proper shipping methods and customer service) will always be preferred,
3- Capturing potential customers starts with getting into their head, AKA, mindshare.

What is mindshare? Basically, it’s getting into people’s heads. Becoming something they think about because they saw it so often. Once you capture mindshare, you’ve captured your audience/clients/ sales target.

So how do you do this? Unfortunately, it is not free and it is not as easy as we’d all like it to be. You need to create avenues for potential customers to see you, channels for them to communicate with you and ads that they’d remember. You need to spend money and you need to start early.

Essentially, you need to start a bonfire and keep adding wood if you want to be seen on your island, otherwise, you’ll be stuck like Gilligan.

If you’re thinking this is going to cost me too much, relax, at Monster Media, we look at your goals, and work with your budget to help you achieve it. So if you’d like to cash in come January, pick up the phone and call us – there’s still some time left to start your holiday campaign.


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