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The people you meet by the doubles man


Doubles is the quintessential Trini street food. It’s convenient, affordable and you can always find a doubles vendor whenever you need them, plus it tastes great too. For some going for doubles is an almost religious experience while others treat it like a mere convenience.

Still, however you treat your doubles experience, these are the five people you meet by the doubles vendor.

The Competitive Eater
This person reaches by the vendor before you do and remains long after you leave. They stand next to the vendor and will chow down 10 on the spot and still leave with a bulging paper bag in hand. You’re not sure how they do it when you can only handle two.

The Sprinter
This person either pulls up in a car and leaves the engine on or walks up really quickly looking busy and tries to skip the line. They always have a story to explain why they need to go quickly and for some reason they always get through. Their doubles buying process involves sweet talking their way to the front of the line and hurrying away with theirs before anyone complains.

The Bara Hater
Now we know the channa alone is healthy and bara is deep fried, artery clogging perfection so we understand… kinda. But this person always shows up and asks the doubles man if he has extra channa and they almost always have a bowl with them ready to fill to the brim with channa.

The Gopher
This person nearly always ends up directly in front of you when you’re running late and they have the world’s longest and most complicated order. Two with slight, one slight with sweet sauce, no chadon beni on one, extra cucumber on four… it doesn’t matter. This person comes with a list like they are buying for the WHOLE office.

The Regular
Everyone thinks they’re this person when they go by a doubles vendor more than twice but the regular is the person who the doubles vendor knows to a T. The time and the order is perfect. They ask after the vendor’s family and talk sports, this person skips the line and goes by the vendor where they get personally handed an unwrapped doubles just the way they like it then get passed a bag to go. No money ever seems to change hands but this person’s doubles process is smooth.

Think we left one out? Who are the persons you meet by the doubles man? Which one are you?

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