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The Perfect Selfie


If selfies are this generation’s version of art then front facing cameras and selfie sticks are our brushes and palette. Every millennial takes selfies and many want to up their selfie game

There are many ways to take a selfie and every seasoned veterans of the selfie game know that there are several key factors to taking a good selfie and one of them is location. Location is key for a good selfie. Gone are the days of the bathroom selfie, a true social media worthy selfie is a piece of art that must be framed upon a worth backdrop. As such, these locations are virtual selfie gold.

1. The Savannah: This location is the perfect for the exercise selfie which can show off your pre or post workout look with a backdrop of poui trees, castles, mountains or modern architecture. The Savannah has a plethora of locations to take a good selfie and we guarantee you could take a selfie a day around the Savannah and still not run out of good selfie taking spots.

2. The beach selfie (preferably Maracas Bay): This selfie is perfect when done in a group with friends and family, it’s the quintessential family lime pic and is bested only by a selfie at the lookout en route to the beach. Though being honest, the entire run to Maracas is filled with amazing opportunities to get many Instagram worthy pictures including several dozen perfect selfies.

3. The Tobago Selfie: Our fair sister isle has sun, sea, good food and lots of locations full of Caribbean charm. A Tobago selfie showcases the relaxed, carefree side of you and will leave your friends green with envy. But best of all, no filter is necessary.

4. The boardwalk selfie: Picture it, you’re out for a stroll and the sun is high in the sky and glinting off the water or maybe it’s night and the moon is bright and the stars bright as the waves lap against the shore. Whichever the scent, this is a perfect moment, one you’ll cherish forever and how else will you remember it without a picture so of course you take a selfie. After all, did it happen if there’s no proof?

5. The avenue: This is the selfie you probably don’t want to share with your boss if you’ll looking for a promotion and it might even be the one you regret posting the next morning but in the heat of the moment snapping a great reminder of the night you’re having seems like the best idea ever and even if this pic never leaves your phone, it’s definitely one selfie you’ll want to remember.

Even if you can’t hit up these prime selfie taking spots, our country has a lot of great locations that will get your next selfie all the likes and loves you could every wish for. Think we missed out a prime selfie location? Tell us, where do you take the perfect selfie.

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